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  1. Charles 𝄢 Hutchins (celesteh)'s status on Friday, 11-Jan-2019 16:42:13 GMT Charles 𝄢 Hutchins Charles 𝄢 Hutchins
    @freemo Comparing your edgy humour about your experiences as a tourist to the actual experiences of migrants does not excuse or justify the views you've expressed.
    I'd like to ask you to consider why you want to use dehumanising words to refer to migrants. Also, real numbers show migrants are helping to making funds available to a welfare state (such as it exists). You may also want to consider why you believe otherwise. What made this lie compelling? What did it make you feel emotionally? What do you feel when you think about migration? Who do you picture when you think of an undocumented migrant and what makes you want to put that person in their place?