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  1. Charles 𝄢 Hutchins (celesteh)'s status on Friday, 11-Jan-2019 15:01:49 GMT Charles 𝄢 Hutchins Charles 𝄢 Hutchins
    @freemo An 'undocumented tenant' is a squatter. Squatting unused property is enormously beneficial both to the squatters and the larger community they interact with. It helps alleviate pressure on housing and can bring different kinds of diversity to an area. It is especially good in terms of fostering creative projects and especially arts.
    If one believes the most important aspect of communities is private property and rent-seeking, then such a person would obviously object to squatters, but for such a person the entire notion of community is secondary to seeing power at other's expense.
    Of course, this metaphor completely falls apart in terms of migration because the US is not private property and migrants tend to hold jobs and pay rent and taxes. The tax monies collected from all migrants, including undocumented ones, exceeds the amount of tax money allocated to programs that benefit them.