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  1. Charles 𝄢 Hutchins (celesteh)'s status on Tuesday, 24-Jul-2018 15:21:04 BST Charles 𝄢 Hutchins Charles 𝄢 Hutchins
    The house I'm staying in has a Google surveillance device. They got upset when I unplugged it, so I've been asking it to play music, but no matter what band I ask for, it seems to wind it's way around to indie or film music within 3 songs.
    I've asked if for Wendy Carlos and instead it started playing Kraftwerk, which is a more tolerable substitution then anything so far. Much better than the elevator music it thought was similar to Anthony Braxton. How long will it at least stay period synthy? Probably 2 more songs.
    I'd be more sympathetic to the notion of sacrificing privacy for convenience if this gadget could succeed at anything. It's not good at search, jokes, music or anything at all, so far as I can tell.
    Update: the second song is the Twin Peaks theme, so it got cinematic again instantly without even playing the artist I asked for. And then a film piece for piano by Philip Glass, which is just like Carlos, am I right? 🙄