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  1. Charles 𝄢 Hutchins (celesteh)'s status on Thursday, 24-May-2018 14:30:17 BST Charles 𝄢 Hutchins Charles 𝄢 Hutchins
    When I was a child in the 1980s, my ad used to come home with stories of a man who bicycle toured full time. He had a bunch of mobile computer components that he used with solar power to be able to write a regular column about computing, which he did WHILE cycling. (He memorised the ASCII codes for the alphabet and embedded switches into his handlebars).

    These stories made a huge impression on me and are partly responsible for my interest in solar power, cycle touring, mobile computing and DIY.

    After solar powered UMPCs with wireless networking starting to become closer to consumer-grade electronics, he moved on to pedal and wind powered boats.